• Paul Fulmer


Stepping back for a minute, looking at the BIG PICTURE… Why do you need insurance? I mean, if you did not need it, you would not buy it. Right?

Do you have a mortgage on your home? If so, your mortgage company requires insurance to secure the loan (protection for the mortgage company), and you need auto insurance because the state requires you to have it for the privilege of driving your car on their road.

I have been reading a book by Seth Godin and he tells a story about a drill bit. Why do I need a drill bit? The answer is, you do not need the drill bit, you need what the drill bit can do for you, it can make a hole. Why do you need a hole? Because you want to hang a shelf on the wall. Why do you want a shelf? I want a shelf to show off my stuff and be organized. Why do you want to display stuff and be organized? So people can come into my home and admire my stuff and admire the shelf I built. In short, why do I need the drill bit? Because I want to feel a since of accomplishment, and I want people to admire and respect me.

I think the answer to why you need insurance is, you are looking for PEACE OF MIND protection, or as Dave Ramsey would say, you seek “Financial Peace” that comes from having the right insurance. The peace of knowing that you and your loved ones have some protection. That's why. We can help with that!

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