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Speeding Ticket - What it costs me?

How much will a speeding ticket cost?

For one speeding ticket, Ohioans saw an average rate increase of $200 per year. The higher the ticket, the more you pay. The average increase for 11-16 miles over the speed limit ticket was a 21% increase. 16 - 29 was 27%, and 30 miles per hour or higher was 38%. The faster you go, the more it costs!

How soon will this hit me? Insurance companies usually wait until renewal to review your driving history.

What if I get more than one ticket? It compounds! If you get multiple speeding tickets within three years, you may be classified as a "high-risk driver," and will pay higher rates than if you were cited only once for speeding. You will pay an average of 43 percent more after two speeding tickets, which is more than twice the amount for one ticket.

What are my options? Talk to an insurance professional, ASAP! (513) 205-5731

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