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If you have time, get a quote from every company you can! Then you could compare coverage, price, service, financial strength, reputation of each company, and select the best one for you. That’s what we do at Insurance Solutions Alliance. We don’t sell, we shop for the best insurance match for you. Do something else with your time, let us shop the quotes for you!

Things to look for -

- Find an INDEPENDENT AGENT because THEY WORK FOR YOU and not a specific company. Our independent agency represents 30+ top rated companies. We can match you to the best company for you

- SAVE MONEY - An Independent Agent (like us) can shop around and have high rated companies compete for your business! [Some of the highest rated companies do not spend million$ on TV commercials, and they pass the savings on to their customers.]

- Find an Independent Agent with a lot of INSURANCE EXPERIENCE (not sales experience). You should never be “Sold To”! Some insurance companies only have one product, it's a take it or leave it. You want competition and option.

It’s also important for your agent to have a lot of insurance education. If you can find an agent with more insurance experience and insurance education than us, please tell us, they need to come work with us!

- YOUR AGENT SHOULD COUNSEL YOU, explain things to you in simple to understand language. They should answer your questions and be there when you need them! We are just a click away! (513) 205-5731

Thanks for reading, we are here to help. Good luck!

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