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Butler County Challenger Baseball – Annual Member Meeting minutes
Attendees: Paul Fulmer (Board President), Al Furter (Secretary), Dave Bucher (Treasurer), Jeff Feiler
(Board member), Ken Hubbard (Board member), Alan Lakamp (League President), Kevin Berter (League
vice-president), Pete Scudder (Board member), Michael Simpson (Safety Officer)
President’s report (Alan Lakamp)
- Opening Day will be May 5th, 30th anniversary. Alan asked for ideas. Call or email him.
- Registration 2019 – planning to do at Dick’s Sporting Goods in February. Feb 9th or 16th. Will be
posted on website bcchallenger.org. Alan likes to do in-person registration to see our players
and parents.
- Picture Day: TBD Open to feedback from parents to determine.
- Leadership: we are short-handed and could use more help. Alan open to suggestions to
improve the league or do things differently.
- Would like to see growth of minor division. Our players have gotten older and we have not had
a steady stream of younger players to fill out minor division. Also looking to grow the adult
league so we have more teams that can play each other.
- We will not order new shirts for entire league this year, but will replace for those with worn
shirts or new players.
- Coaches and parents should decide when player is ready to move from minors to majors based
on their ability and readiness.
- Participation. Would really like to get more participation so individuals only have one role. We
have multiple people who are serving more than one role.
Treasurer report (Dave Bucher)
- Our league is in good shape financially. Started last year with just over $14,000 and ended the
year with $14,000. We spent $27,160.
- Completed complex improvements: new dugout roofs, new home plates on each field.
- We received grant from Hatton foundation that will be used to convert the gravel portion of the
parking lot to blacktop and install scoreboard on Field 1. Plan is to keep score for adult league.
Scoreboard will be installed over the winter. Blacktop will be done based on weather and
availability of City of Hamilton resources.
- Concession stand did well, but only had about 6 people who helped all year. Could use more
help next year. Concessions are not a significant money maker but that is not the intent. We
want to provide affordable snacks for our players and families.
Board member elections
- Current board members Kevin Berter and Paul Fulmer terms are expiring. Up for re-election.
- Kevin Berter nominated by Paul Fulmer
- Paul Fulmer nominated by Al Furter
- Bill Barlion nominated by Alan Lakamp
- Tim/Tammy Hubbard nominated by Ken Hubbard to share a membership
- All nominated board members elected unanimously
New Business
- How can we promote our league like the Miracle League? We do not compete with the miracle
league but we welcome anyone who plays in Miracle League or Therapeutic recreation leagues.
We can do a better job of spreading the word about our league. We pass out flyers at local
schools, but could use help to get the word out to more in the community.
o Someone suggested our flyer state specifically the individual must have and IEP with
cognitive or physical disability. Vicki Buschur said she could get flyer thru Lakota
schools. Cincinnati Childrens Social services and community outreach program. Adult
league requirements are ISP or prior IEP/ISP if out of school.
o Someone suggested we put “special needs” on our Facebook page right at the top.
Sponsored adds are relatively cheap to target audience.
o Appeal to Special Olympics
o County DD boards – can they help spread the word?
- Vicki Buschur has 10,000 plastic easter eggs she would like to fill with candy and have easter
egg hunt for Challenger families. She is looking for help to provide the candy to fill the eggs.
- Parent mentioned player did not realize there was adult league and thought they were going to
age out at 22. Need to spread the word about adult league.
- Fundraising idea: Yard sale. Thought was people bring things they want to sell and league gets
all benefits.
Adjourned: 7:59pm